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Many businesses have multiple software applications running on their PCs and servers within the organization. These applications may run anything from accounting packages right up to email and third party human resource systems.

However, not everything may be smooth sailing. Problems faced by many businesses is nothing new. Any 'off the shelf' application or software, notably those that cater for 'support service' functionalities like accounting, payroll and even basic file management, at times come with various problems for the unsuspecting client.

During some of our encounters with potential clients, common problems faced by them were highlighted:

software comes with far too many modules. Only 20% of the overall modules are necessary
application needs an 'IT savvy' person to administer the system
the software cannot be easily integrated with the client's existing applications
there is no room for customization and adaptability to the businesses evolving processes
the software may not be supported by various database platforms operating systems
licensing costs increase tremendously as more users are added
there is no reflection of the businesses workflow
program bugs exist and can take very long for the developer to fix
little or no support level agreements exist

At the end of the day, the client may find that 'islands and islets' of multiple software applications are running on very little resources. Systems may crash as a result and vital information lost forever. What then?

Our software and business re-engineering consultants have wide industry experience in designing and developing fully customized software applications for clients from various backgrounds and needs.

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