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Our experience in the web based environment has allowed us to develop a few niche and cost effective web applications. Below, you will find a selection of some of RQ NET's web based solutions:

'Leg@l' is an innovative web solution specially designed for the legal fraternity and legal advisers of corporations. An MSC status product offering, 'Leg@l' helps users manage workflow and communication across the complex value chain of legal enterprises. Our 'Leg@l Doc', and 'Leg@l Administrator', are the core components of 'Leg@l'. The Leg@l has a highly automated bulk NOD processing machine. It includes web portal features enabling clients of firms to log in and review the status of their matters and also record their instructions. What's more, we even have instant messaging, calendaring, diary management and other features to facilitate high productivity in a total quality environment.


The Bizwiz is an integrated and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that encompasses all operational and support activities of manufacturers and automates the workflow of processes in an organisation. BizWiz contains several modules and each module is designed to cater for every possible business activity and it is fully customizable. The Bizwiz also supports a total quality environment. As it is developed on Oracle tools, it can be integrated with almost any other system.

Features of Bizwiz
· The Bizwiz can be web enabled where necessary
· It is modular and can be expanded or reduced in scope as and when required
· Users can operate the system with minimal training
· Requires minimal maintenance support
· Security and access rights control
· Supports a paperless environment


The HRwiz is a comprehensive Human Resource Information System developed to facilitate effective planning, management and control of human resources, and promotes employee responsibility over their personal matters. The HRwiz also incorporates a complete document management system and therefore this eliminates the needs for hard copies unless required statutorily. The HRwiz can also generate a comprehensive set of reports that will facilitate effective decision-making. It also has extensive security system to ensure access is only limited to authorized personnel, and a full audit trail for tracking all transactions.

Features of HRwiz
· Can de deployed in client server or web based environment
· It is modular and scalable
· User friendly
· Minimal maintenance and support required
· Security and access rights control
· Support a paperless environment


The Uniwiz is an integrated university management system that facilitates and automates the workflow of processes in an educational establishment, such as schools, colleges, university, and training institutes. Each module of the system is designed to cater for every possible activity and can be fully customizable.

Features of Uniwiz
· Can de deployed as client server or web based environment
· It is modular and scalable
· User friendly
· Minimal maintenance and support required
· Security and access rights control
· Support a paperless environment


The Hospwiz is an application software solution designed, by RQNet MSC, to assist in the management of all functions in a hospital. It can be scaled up or down to cater for any type or size of hospitals. The descriptions of some of the modules are given below. The system includes a comprehensive set of reports to enable analysis of all functions and operations. The design of the reports will be undertaken as a part of the customization exercise keeping the requirements of the customer's documents and stationery in view. Selected components of the system will be web enabled to allow access to members of the public. This will also facilitate interaction between out- patients and their physicians, and in-patients and their families.

A system designed to support all activities in the automotive industry. The standard version includes :

• Planning
• Sales
• Procurement
• Vehicle assembly
• Vehicle service
• Spares
• Customer service
• Fixed Assets
• Inventory
• Safety
• Quality Assurance/Quality Control
• Finance and Accounts

This system is designed to support owners, operators and managers of vehicles fleets. The system includes :

• Sales
• Vehicle Procurement
• Vehicle Deployment
• Workshop Services
• Driver Administration
• Customer Support
• Finance and Accounts
• Asset Management

This is a system designed to support all types membership clubs. It can also be modified to support restaurants and pubs. The components include:

• Membership
• Staff
• Outlets ( F&B)
• Kitchen
• Facilities
• Golf
• Driving Range
• Technical
• Fixed Assets
• Finance and accounts

This is a system designed to support local councils and similar establishments in the management of parks and sanctuaries. The system comprise :

• Tree and plant management
• Chemical and fertilizer management
• Operations
• Equipment management
• Transport
• Human Resource
• Finance and Accounts

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