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In this day and age, the data centre of a business, can make or break the company. Whether you are a bank, Internet Service Provider or another type of business, how your data centre holds to surges in traffic, security penetration, data congestion or a physical hazard, will determine if the client will stay with you for the long haul.

These are some of the issues we have advised clients on:

Fire Protection Fire Suppression

There must be an Early Warning System that samples air molecules and can detect potential fires up to two days prior; smoke detectors; Gas Systems emphasizing a non-toxic, non-water based fire suppression system and a double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system that fills up but won't release water until the tip of the sprinkler is burned.


The data centre has to have a system that offers a continuous power supply with multiple generators.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

The Air conditioning, water detection and humidity control needs to be assessed.


Technical staff has to be on hand 24 x 7 365 days a year, at the Data Centres, allowing you access to your servers at all times. Each facility must have adequate staff and there must always be more than one person on site. Each Data Centre should also allow engineers to better monitor the facility, network and equipment from a control center.


The data centres may have connections to many different Internet backbones including UUNet, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, CRL, Qwest, Exodus, Agis and Net Axs. In addition, the data centre must operate its own DS3 to enable 'peer to peer' with many of the smaller Tier One providers as well as operating another DS3 to the ATM switch located there.

Internal Connectivity

A provider's local area network is not often enough being seen as a point of latency. The two main sources of latency for a full-time Internet connection are the user's local area network and the Internet provider's local area network. With networks anchored by say, Cisco 5500 Series etherswitches and high-end Cisco routers, you are ensured exceptional routing of data packets.

Top-of-the-line network hardware ensures that data requests get to their destination and back out of the network as fast as possible. We advise on etherswitches instead of hubs because of their speed and their security capabilities. Whereas only one computer plugged into a hub can talk at one time, all the machines connected to a switch can talk at the same time. This means more data can travel through a switch and each server acts as its own node on the network. Furthermore, since each servers is its own node on the network, it is difficult for hackers to trace data packets with sensitive information (i.e. passwords) to a particular physical server.

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