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Every day, thousands of new websites are launched on the World Wide Web. Just think. Your company's website is merely one of the many thousands of new websites going 'live' on the Internet.

Now imagine that for every new website launched, about 5 to 10 of your competitors are also launching their website presence. Now throw in a few hundred or so personal websites and another block of non - related websites. Try to multiply these by a million and what do you get?

What you don't get are probably a high number of visitors coming to your website or maybe high sales transactions through your recently launched online vehicle.

The most common fallacy faced by many companies is that many never consider defining their website presence strategy. Many companies have this believe that it's realy easy to design and launch a website presence. Unfortunately, most of these numbers are not backed by a reasonable ICT budget. Fortunately, a large proportion of these poorly thought out websites live a short online life!

A web strategy will help companies to map out their strategy to achieve favourable ROI. Higher visibility, higher visitor count, interested party inquiries, better content management and effective search query results are just some of the ROI we envisage.

A well thought out web strategy has assisted our clients to:

define how the whole exercise should start

identify the site map of the entire site

identify the parties and persons responsible for specific information and content

start requesting data earlier rather than later

feel if the website design and overall outlook meets teh company's goals and objectives

be part of the website development decision making process

have an idea of the time to be invested

understand the concepts and technology involved


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